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#1 written by meitang, 9 years, 3 months ago
A sneaker’s style quotient is usually a function of its retro charm, and an inverse of its underlying technology. Hip dressers love vintage Nike Dunks, Adidas Superstars and Converse Chucks. A Arraw Shox Nike [nikeshox-rivalry.com]cutting-edge Nike Shox, with its bulging Nike Shox [nikeshox-rivalry.com]springlike heel? Classic Nike Shox [nikeshox-rivalry.com] Not so much. So it’s surprising that Basket-ball Nike Shox [nikeshox-rivalry.com] the “it” shoe suddenly gracing the feet of the fashion set is the Cognescenti Nike Shox [nikeshox-rivalry.com] Nike Free, a high-performance running shoe. Dream Nike Shox [nikeshox-rivalry.com]
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given one thing Sunday at the Los Angeles NIKE Camp on the USC Nike Shox R4 Flywire [nikeshox-rivalry.com]campus -- his spot in Nike Shox Running [nikeshox-rivalry.com]line.
Pauu got a late start on the Nike Shox TL [nikeshox-rivalry.com] day, but that didn't keep him from Nike Shox Turb OH + [nikeshox-rivalry.com] being one of the Nike Shox Turb Oz [nikeshox-rivalry.com]first prospects to check Nike Shox Turbo [nikeshox-rivalry.com] in at the camp, thanks to Nike Shox Turbo + 4 [nikeshox-rivalry.com] a cousin holding a Nike Shox Turbo + 5 [nikeshox-rivalry.com]spot at the front of the Nike Shox Turbo 3 [nikeshox-rivalry.com] line.
While the Nike Shox TW [nikeshox-rivalry.com]line-jumping got Pauu Nike Shox VC [nikeshox-rivalry.com] something he didn't really deserve, the NZ Nike Shox [nikeshox-rivalry.com] honors inside the camp were a Onine Nike Shox [nikeshox-rivalry.com]
different story.Pauu was named the camp's Most Saya Shox Nike + [nikeshox-rivalry.com]
Valuable linebacker, sending a Turmoil Nike Shox [nikeshox-rivalry.com]message to talent evaluators that he belongs on the field with the West's most talented football recruits."I hope I (open some eyes)," he said Warrior Nike Shox [nikeshox-rivalry.com] after winning the award. "I work my tail off in the weight room and in the classroom to be recognized on the field. Colleges, sometimes I feel, are looking for that 6-2, 230 kind of guy. At 5-11, 215, I sort of have to prove that I can play at the next level and that I can play with the big guys."
Pauu holds offers from BYU, Washington and Iowa State. He's also being contacted by a "mess" of other schools including USC, Oregon and, most recently, Minnesota. Scout.com ranks Pauu as a three-star recruit.With Spring football set for early May, Pauu was excited to see a number of his Servite teammates out at the camp Sunday, wetting his appetite for practice. Sunday also was a chance to test himself against a number of well-thought-of recruits on USC's practice fields."Coming into it, I knew these guys were the best of the best," Pauu said. "I knew this would be a good day to compete with some of the best players in the nation. The receivers and the running backs are so hard to cover. It just makes you have to be much faster in what you think about and in knowing where you need to go on the field."The camp also reinforced something Pauu already knew."Our linebacker coach today told us one of the top things we have to do on the field is play smart," he said. "As a linebacker, the physical aspect is part of your job. But really, it’s more the mental part that you have to take care of in order to be a great linebacker."That’s a big thing I do. I go home and study a lot of film on opposing teams. It’s starting to pay off for me."Click here for photos of Pauu and more O.C. recruits from Sunday's NIKE Camp.
#2 written by meitang, 9 years, 3 months ago
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#3 written by Anonymous (Coralyn), 8 years, 12 months ago
Dag nabbit good stuff you whippersanpeprs!
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